Monday, October 27, 2008

The Beginning

Okay,so I have finally managed to start a blog...but yes before that I would like to express my humble apologies for shaking the very foundations of the English language, in which I am going to express my thoughts (or pondering as I may put it) by naming myself as the 'retrospector'. A name that I came up with to sign off..a salute to my meditative spirit!..laughing out loud( hope it is not sounding too obnoxious) or put more aptly by my friends as being the perfect' lost world' character they may have had the chance to encounter.
Anyway, I think I am returning to the writing scene after one and a half years. People had actually given up on coaxing me to write.Me,the lazy person that I am had a list of excuses lined up,my favourite being-the inspiration just doesn't seem to come.So initially I was quite apprehensive before embarking on this blogging experience as I feared that the blog would eventually die a slow death and I have been ignoring every one's suggestion for more than a year now.All the more, I was not very fond of the world wide web.For purposes of study ( and to download music and check out the lyrics of songs) it does have its uses there,rest I had others creating mail id's for me particularly the one that I am using to manage this blog( my college placement cell was embarrassed by it..yes its true,ha ha... I am well past 18 and cool???????)
So here ,as always , I liked to feel blissfully unaware of the Internet advancements(read: no access to the net for a very long time) was prejudiced about the blog concept(waste of time blah blah),but my urgent need to start writing again made me resort to it.
Hmm.. I am at the beginning of my blogging journey and well this is for you, my grandparents,my family and friends and readers..hope I don't disappoint you(sorry I wont be able to write poems..can't rhyme my words at all..will try though).
signing off for now.