Saturday, November 22, 2008

Of Snores and Chuckles

I chuckle as I write this and I chuckled last night as a grumpy looking Gautam( my brother) got up and squeezed into bed with my mom amd dad(???????).Upon interrogation by my very sleepy mom he mumbled...mama(mother's brother) is snoring too loudly.As for me, I was sitting and poring over my books or rather 'trying' to, while the different sounds of the night world droned into my head.Especially, as I was sitting in a very centrally located room of my home and the sounds from the three bedrooms were so proportionately directed towards me.( have got my head so full of engineering stuff,the stress is probably reflecting here too ;) anyway at first I was amused and shrugged it off but then later it was hard to ignore.Worse,all the snores of the four men in my home had a certain rhyming fashion,as if they were conversing through their snores or moreover a song sequence was going on with varied frequencies and tones.And all of them went breathing one after the other such that it was hard for me to even catch in a word out of my books between the intervals(if there had been any!!)
As I usually sleep like a log( yes! even the earthquake does'nt wake me up) it hardly makes a difference when I'm in a deep slumber but times are really difficult when I am awake and Gautam is asleep.Most of the time I'm just leaning over to his side of the bed and plugging his nose or writing on his face( haha I know I torture him a lot).This really does get him as then he mumbles off abuses and gives the " see what I do to you when you sleep" look.And somehow my mother seems to brush off the whole affair when I tell her about it.Says that he has a history of bronchitis which is the reason why he snores...Any excuse!!
So when today we were just discussing about the sleeping arrangements and Gautam refused point blank to sleep in the same room as my uncle,so did I,then my mother subtly put it across to my uncle about his snores.He gave the lamest excuse ever- of him having deviated septum of the nose which made him take the air through only one side.This just made me burst out laughing.
And so starts the the age old denial by men when they are confronted with their snoring issues.
My dad denies it point blank with a sheepish grin on his face( I wonder how I am going to put up with it as tonight I'll be sleeping in the same room as my dad and brother).
And when I cuddle up to my grandfather and listen to stories, he tells me how some people snore mildly( he is a mild one) and some so loudly that it sounds as if someone is whistling .He then remnisces and chuckles to himself.

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