Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gossip Girl(s)

I've been living in the hostel for almost three years now and I thought it worth my while to document a widespread affliction amongst girls viz. gossiping. Now, the dictionary defines gossip as "casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true", but in the hostel it becomes much more.
Now, the victims of gossip are of myriad kinds, but the ones who act "too big for their shoes" or the ones who are oh-so "la-di-dah" are the preferred ones. Any girl with exceptionally good hair or a flawless complexion or an attractive physique or anything remotely good about her will undoubtedly become the butt of various speculative conversations, the main aim of which is, without exception, to list her hitherto non-existent "flaws". So, somebody with good hair might actually be talking to 4 different boys at odd times during the night, information courtesy "the girl's room-mate's friend's room-mate's sister who is a junior and is living nowhere close to the girl in question" , but surprisingly we are ready to believe such a "reliable" source with such vicious faith - its actually quite cruel. In fact, there's nothing more macabre than watching a group of girls gossiping away to glory, the result being that somebody who was "miss goody-two-shoes" till yesterday might now be referred to as a "wolf in sheep's skin". You have good skin? - you must definitely be having exceptionally intolerable B.O. ; you have a good dressing sense?- it obviously means you have an attitude problem; have a good physique?- liposuction anyone?; you get good grades? - you use people as a ladder to get to the top; you name it - they have something on you to bring you down. Now, you might be thinking that gossiping is limited to those out to get each other - you could not be more wrong! Its amazing how much your best friend talks about you behind your back and rest assured - she's not eulogising you. I have to hand it to such girls though - the kind of things they can gauge just by giving you a cursory glance - "oh the one with the silver earrings? Yeah, she's a kleptomaniac" - they don't even know your name yet. So, this is an ode to all those girls who gossip to spice up their otherwise monotonous lives - character-assasination being their sport of choice!



mallika said... have captured the essence but doesn't it sound like washing your dirty linen online lol and btw i have come to the conclusion that men gossip more than women and there is ample of proof that i can give you for that ;)

nikhita said...

yeah well...i wouldn't know about what goes in the boys' hostel now would i? :P...and btw its not my dirty linen...its a universal phenomenon in girls' hostels around the world, your's being one of go easy on the "dirty linen" line ok...its ur linen too :P

arunabh said...

1.The "kleptomaniac" bit was the funniest and the most innovative gossip i have heard for a long long time. You aren't making this up, are you? :)
2. I think gossiping is a universal phenomenon and there is no gender discrimination. Although, i seriously doubt if guys can be innovative enough to come up with the "kleptomaniac" thingy.
3. And btw, is the new name some innovative nom de guerre?

mallika said...

oh niki are you sure you don't know what goes on in boys' hostel? ;)

mallika said...

Arunabh I thing ill let my alter ego answer those questions...(really!!! if you notice carefully we have very different writing styles...My lazy a$$ of a best friend wanted a ready made blog to vent out her here goes...)

nikhita said...

That's right Arunabh...I'm sort of the guest editor if you will...though I might add that the other "contributor" to this blog is pretty much "inspired" by me ( see I'm being polite here but we have serious plagiarism issues if you catch my drift ... that's right Mallika get original :P)...anyway the kleptomaniac bit is actually a euphemism :D

nikhita said... me if I had any idea as to what went on in the boys' hostel, my blog entries would have been far too interesting ;)...yes its true so stop smirking!