Thursday, January 12, 2012

MALLUISM again!!!

This post is not to poke fun at a particular community if that's what you anticipate by reading the title.( At least we can be sure of the fact that they are much talked about :P please refer )

This is the story of a lifelong plight that a poor 'mallu' might face for ages to come ( ahem..maybe it might be a publicity gimmick..this particular mallu likes being appreciated..ahem ahem..yeah yeah..ok this mallu definitely manages to grab some attention :P)

It has been eons since this mallu, belonging to the fairer sex had written a post on MALLUISM. (refer:

It was a phenomenon coined when she belonged to a different place at a different time. Desperate to shirk it off, she realized that her past caught up with her in an almost similiar form.

Now she just smiles in that same faraway wondering look in her eyes; at times stiffling an embarrassed giggle under her breath for the "way of life".

Poor Mallika; You name means the queen, in tamil ; the jasmine whose fragrance is intoxicating.

But now she is known and identified by definitive traits:

1. If you are lost and staring at free space : well this can only be- Mallu

2. If you can spot someone in close vicinity making a fool of herself : It is has to be- Mallu

3. If you are ocassionally dioriented, existing in a different dimension : It is no doubt- Mallu

4. Anything below the Vindhya mountains (sic) South Indians- Mallus from Malluland ( our Ms Mallu hates this sort of generalization..she likes to be unique :P and throws disgusting looks to those above the Vindhyas –“Dude, there are four states down there!!

5. The people who ask too many questions- Mallu sympathises with the critics,for though it can be a little exhaustive for the Northies,the ones below the Vindhyas uphold the essence of science by reasoning :P

Mallu though happens to fulfill 4 out of 5 of these traits despises to be associated with this particular community which goes to the “gelf” to visit their “ungle and aundy” in “thubaii”. She fights a desperate losing (because she knows in her heart it’s a wonder on earth :) battle with her mother and sister who love the God’s own country.

And so we rest the case here of what ever you wish to coin it– “Malluesque”, “Malluish” or which has become the "way of life" (read: to deal :P )

MALLUISM (we just cant deny its popularity :P)


Mohit Kumar said...

and last but not the least.. one who loves to blog is also a Mallu :P

Saurabh S. said...

You forgot to add :

If u call a Sardar as a non Indian - U r a Mallu !!!

If u somehow place Ladakh in East India(God knows wats going on in ur mind....Yeah..contradictory phrase) - U r a Mallu.

If , suddenly, out of the blues , u start laughing out loud (Cuz u finally understood the joke that ppl were sharing yesterday....or probably day before) - U r a Mallu.

If , u laugh at something truly hilarious....n then suddenly become motionless n realize u got it all wrong.....n then start laughing again...thinking....wat the hell...ppl don't expect me to get it anyways.......Yes....U r definitely a Mallu.

Mallika said...

@ Mohit : thankyou thankyou :D

@ Saurabh : LMAO you definitely know how to spot a "Mallu" :P
( P.S you didnt have to mention ladakh!!! i was thinking of arunachal..thats why it all got jumbled up!! embarrassing enough :P )