Tuesday, August 4, 2009

With love....

29th July 2009 9:45 am

It pains me immensely to type this out..and the last thing that I would want is a post on my blog..
My beloved Thatha, K .Ramachandran breathed his last..May he be relieved of his long drawn suffering.May his soul rest in peace.


jayant said...

Hmm.. this is one moment when no amount of consolation would be enough and I am offering neither this nor sympathy. I would like to share that I lost my nanaji, the person with whom I spent 3 yrs of my very early childhood,the person who taught me to walk, speak and everything passed away and I couldn't even be with him in those moments..
the pain is inconsolable and as time will pass by, you will realize how life teaches you to move on..

Ashish Shringarpure said...

There is a saying that "Time heals all wounds". But yeah, I would say that "When things happen untimely, even the time leaves scars behind." But "Moving on is human's nature. That's the best boon we are blessed with." Got me, right? Take care.