Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And the mundanities continue....

So the' first ladies' got hooked and booked  by their respective first men.And probably following that they are being cooked or cooking their respective spouses...(bang: back to square one where kitchen centric terms relate to the assumed boring life of a married woman; yuck!) .Ok maybe I am still not in that phase( and may never be) to appreciate the way so many, like my mother think.
These celebrity wives on the new talk show by designers Abu and Sandeep are starry- eyed and gush over being the perfect subservient wives to their ultra successful husbands and accompany them in glittering society do's. That's not the end of it- I was scandalized when my mother expressed a desire to catch Oprah and her never ending' agony aunt' tales a few years back but maybe my mutinous and 'rolling of the eyes' look stopped her short( Thank god for that!).
The usual flicking of channels made me come across Gtalk on Mtv and five minutes into the show blew my brains out ( great,giggly,girly..oh please spare me the agony!!).
And as I found out last night that my soon going to be married cousin has changed his status to 'committed'; I wondered about this hooking business..the rhetorical popping of the question? majority of women in the shadows here too.Turn the tables (women emancipation?) what say?
As for me I am determined to hook and book for myself
and the women saga shows continue....

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