Saturday, January 17, 2009

What Up?!

If the title of this post did not ring a bell in your mind, I suggest you read no further - just for the simple reason that you won't comprehend the emotions stuck with this phrase...and for those who do recognise this phrase...well, all i can say is that you're LEGEN-"wait for it"-DARY...yup, I am talking about that fabulous sitcom of all time - How I Met Your Mother...And for all those Friends lovers , I just have two words for you - Barney Stinson...there is no character on any sitcom which comes even close to this fella...He really is a class act - his nonchalant attitude, his "on-the-go" wisecracks and of course his never-ending obsession with...wait for it...HIMSELF makes him truly endearing. And moving on to his friends, Marshall and Lily ( and let me say this for the last time - Marshall is way more intelligent than dim-witted Ross) - they make a sweet couple without all the overt emotional brouhaha; Robin (a favourite with the boys I'm sure) - she portrays the character of the professionally inclined woman with that "missing ingredient" in her personal life with ease...and finally we come to Ted Moseby - yes the oh-so-cute guy-next-door ( do i hear the girls go "awwwwww"?). Together, the six of them create a LEGEN-"yes, i know this is the third time i've used it in the blog" - DARY show which never fails to crack me up - and for all those of you who are still stuck in the Friends mode- rise and shine folks, this really is the 21st seriously I'm not kidding- its time to stop watching the repeats...I mean really, i hate to burst your bubble but mugging Joey's lines isn't going to get you a girl ( im sorry if that hurt :P)...and Phoebe's inane acts and dialogues aren't cute - I'm pretty sure they indicate a negative all i can say is- get a grip on reality and go watch the "Barnicle(TM) treat" - you will really be doing yourself a huge favour. As for us long-time fans, all we can say is WHAT UP!!!!!

PS: Well, since I need a new identity to sign off ( so that I don't get ripped off by the other "contributor" to this about creative plagiarism)...I guess I'll keep it as....nikhita (surprise!!! OK i know that was a bad one...)
Adios Amigos


mallika said...

I have probably one word which wraps up your post in style....
(yes barney stinson all the way...)
It rocks totally...
what up!?
what say?

mallika said...

really...tsk tsk

neon said...

mallika you are such a pig head ..................You dont have anythin to write about