Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Last Second

I am staring at the page....I am still staring at the page( I have been absent from the writing scene for quite sometime now;read: lazing around or no umm maybe my fingers just became numb from the extensive cold wave that has hit the city).
And so another year creeps in.The night of revelry, this time, made no difference to my cold and cough and pms ahem, ahem(no, I will not lose my optimism) and in between the advertisements( oh yes! I was tucked away cozily into my blanket watching Jack Sparrow sorry Captain Jack Sparrow live up to his eccentricity. He has been by far my favourite actor ) I retrospected on the tumultous year that just went by before the clock hands joined and rockets shot up to the sky.( I just realized without much concern for the fact that I rhymed back there)
The acerbic tone comes from the fact that I was stuck and maybe exhausted of being the mascot for singlehood(peer pressure does get to you sometimes) and I was getting stagnant creatively( which happens at most twice a year). The trauma of my debacles throughout the year and also it's really really cold ( and the lazy being that I am..) made me sink into the depths of my blanket.
And when the last second had struck my brother leaned over and hugged me .I tweaked up my nose and felt a cringing pain at the corner of my eyes and before I could howl away to glory, some small little part of me deep down inside bid goodbye to another year, another month, another week, another day, another minute, another second which had brought an immense difference to my life. 
And maybe more terrorism will be seen in the coming year,maybe the Israelis will go on more of their bombing spree and maybe the recession will not land me a job...but as I sit expecting the unexpected ( before howling over my brother's shoulder as I hug him); I expect(along with those unexpected expectations)  a little more change with every second, by every life, to bring about a little more sanity into our world.

And now my fingers have become numb...returning to the warm gloves.
however I will write the P.S. before that

P.S.-' thought' for my new year( I am not a serious one for resolutions) -staying single for as long as possible;.... atleast not this year.
Happy 2009 (  ahaa.. ..adds up to 11 and then to 2....makes no difference to me whatsoever).
(wink) . 


nikhita said...

You're single?????? I thought you were seeing "Georgie"... talk about supernatural encounters oops "romances" :P ... but on a more serious note...look at the bright side..err..im not able to find one right now :P

mallika said...

So someone's back to taking potshots at me..good to see you....as for "georgie" well he's my back up plan in case I die a spinster's death (snigger!!!)