Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rab Ne Paise Waste Karaaye :P

Ok..before I write anything I would like to confess that I'm not a huge SRK fan...wait let me rephrase that...I loathe (read I barf whenever I see him) SRK...So, with all due respect to all the fans out there...this article might seem a little biased ( really, you might want to stay away from it altogether). So anyway, I went to see this movie because well I had no more classes that day and had nothing better to do ( I repent that thought till this day). Now, with my past experience of SRK movies, I was obviously not expecting much from the movie - really, I had gone fully prepared ( read I had left my brains at home). But, apparently even that wasn't enough to survive this one. So, while SRK "ji" dished out his oh-so-adorable ( retarded anyone???) lines for miss High Flying Tani "ji" ( sure, she looks good- but I mean that's why she is in the movie right? - we don't really expect actresses to really "act" now do we?), I sat cringing in my seat, wondering who to curse more - myself or the people sobbing away to glory all around me. Well, to tell you the truth, I too was crying - at the lack of story, the pathetic dialogues or the lack of them ( really, after every 2.5 dialogues, the actors burst into tears...Boy, YRF sure stocks a lot of glycerine)...But wait, not all was downhill with the movie - the saving grace was Vinay "maccccccccchhhhho" Pathak who delights with his comic relief act. He's really become comfortable with comic roles. OK that's back to where we were...yeah I would really like an explanation as to how a wife doesnt recognise her husband after a really not-so-dramatic makeover...rab to aisi jodi na hi banaye jisme wife husband ko pehchaan hi na paaye...and the very predictable ( monotonous) end literally brought me to the end of my tether "ji"...So, my new year resolution is very obvious just like a SRK-Aditya Chopra movie end - NO MORE SUCH MOVIES FOR ME.


mallika said...

you need to take up rajeev masand's place...
( and there are other posts back there which have to undergo your scrutinizing eyes and comments...:)

mallika said...

And ya I do enjoy Srk's performances however I have to admit that this was total

nikhita said...

you are so kind :)...and by the way, rajeev masand still has a job only because i chose to stay out of his line of work :P