Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Maybe I have been reading too much of fiction or the cancerian(read: dreamer to the limit) in me has become effusive; for a few days back I was thrilled to find a small yellowing piece of paper with five lines in the most lucid and ornate cursive.
With a liking for antiques and sometimes,as a child having dreamt of finding something long and forgotten in some dusty volume; the very thing happened when I stood on tiptoe to take out a '64 edition oxford dictionary from the bookshelf.They were written nearly thirty five years ago by my uncle.
These are those lines:

Watches tick the minute away;
Clocks strike the hour;
With the sands of time running out fast;
One day,we hope to sit back and think; 
"Of a life well spent,in sweet content."

Words touched me.Words failed me. 


nikhita said...

Beautiful...your best post till date :)

mallika said...

thanks...I am humbled..:)