Monday, January 12, 2009

I Had A Dream...

"Sapnon se bhare naina, to neend hai na chaina" - These are the first few words of a song from the movie "Luck By Chance"... The song is indeed beautiful, with a very strong Indian classical influence and has been rendered exceptionally well by the extremely talented Shankar Mahadevan...Anyway, I'm not going to talk about the acoustic aesthetics of the song here. The afore-mentioned phrase just sort of stuck itself somewhere inside the depths of my subconscious brain and continues to force me to evaluate the status of the dreams that I once had... And on that particular list, I seem to have accomplished nothing and the funny thing is that its not because I haven't been able to fulfill my dreams but because I've somehow managed to forget what they actually were...I know it sounds cliched when I say that we had loads of ambitions and dreams when we were kids - some unrealistic, some highly impossible - yet we were dreaming...we were evolving. But now, my life is stuck between the Networking lecture I have to attend today and the Compiler lab assignment I have to submit tomorrow and and Physics test next week...So where is the time to dream? Or have i stopped dreaming to stop myself from being disappointed when those dreams fade away like words on the sand? We are supposed to be engineering which in literal terms means to dream. So, is this rut of assignments that I'm stuck in really engineering? Because if it is, I'm sorry to say it really is a fruitless pursuit. I know for one that my intellectual prowess has, if not diminished, stagnated. I once read somewhere that "Dreams are not those that you see when you sleep...Dreams are those that do not let you sleep"...poignant words those. So, maybe my brain has gone into "slumber" mode without my realising it.

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mallika said...

really intense...I do admire when you go into this reflective mode however the wisecracks are so very welcome...cracks me up all the time..
really love it.
probably the best serious stuff you wrote down EVER..(hits you hard rather than the usual complaining and criticizing that you do..:P)